My name is Julieta Lima and I am originally from Argentina.


At this moment I live sin Los Angles, in the Culver City Area. I started my career as

 a filmmaker, but slowly realized that what I really loved was painting and drawing, I also discover digital art, I love using my iPad to create Wonderfull illustration. So, I'm not sure how should I call myself, painter, illustrator, artist.... whatever works! 

My love for the arts started at a young age influenced by my Waldorf education.

I attended a series of Art workshop during my time in Argentina, but I took a hiatus when I got to Los Angeles.

I went to UCLA to study entertainment and I worked in Hollywood for the next few years.

Later on joined Artworks, a studio and classroom located in the middle of Hollywood.

Where I was lucky to be able to participate in some exhibits between 2014 and 2018

And now I am dedicating myself to my Etsy shop and my freelance painting, trying to help people to create Wonderfull memories and fun gifts for their loved ones! I love to create Custom Made Art, Personalized gift ideas, DIY arts and crafts and much more!