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Hi, my name is Julieta, I am an Artis and illustrator, 

I make original Art, mostly digital Art, some gouache, and every now and then I love to get messy and do Plaster Art.


Lately I have been on a kick of creating designs, like commission portraits, and putting them on stuff, Like puzzles, notebooks, mugs, tote bags and much more.

I love helping people create custom gifts for their loved ones!.


I do a lot of large family portraits, and creative commissions, go take a look at my website for examples of my Work.



THESE are all the Platforms where You can Find me.


Cheers, Julieta

julieta Lima
julieta lima artist

JULIETA LIMA Artist and Illustrator, I do commission art, Family Portraits and Commission Greeting cards, Dog Portraits, Custom Gifts wit portraits, Custom mugs, personalized gifts Boho art, mid century modern, eclectic, minimalism and maximalism

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