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How to Print a Foldable Greeting Card

Updated: Apr 15

Print Your Greeting Card design and make it look Good.

(If you don't feel like reading, go down below and watch the video)

how to print foldable greeting card

There’s a simple and easy way on how to print a foldable Greeting Card yourself, if you have a loved ones Birthday coming up, or maybe you want to send a Get well Card to someone in your Family, this is a fast way to make it happen.

I will show you a way to make the card at home.

All you need is a computer, a printer, watercolor paper and access to the internet.

The cheapest and fastest way to DIY this, is with your old Printer, Yes, Old. It does not have to be expensive or fancy at all. I used this Old HP All in one Printer that is using Off Brand ink cartridges and It worked Great.

best paper to print art at home

The Secret, The Paper:

Go get a Watercolor Pad, again NOT an expensive one. As Long as it has texture, it will Work.

This is the brand I recommend: Canson. I Got mine in a sale at Walmart, but its online everywhere, in any Crafts store.

We will get back to the paper later in the blog when ww talk about how to print it.

Print greeting card at home with Canva design

Now, In order to print a foldable greeting card you need a specific file that looks like this photo here on the left. Or maybe even 2 files, if you want something written on the inside. If you do not have these files, no worries! I will show you how to create them.

(if you already have this files, because You are coming from my Etsy shop, or you just downloaded a printable files that already comes in this format, you can skip to the second part of the blog)

So, if you googled "how to print a Foldable Greeting card" you probably already have a Peace of art that you want to use for this card, That will be the main design of the card, so you will need to have it uploaded to Canva, So let's create the files:

using canva to re size a file

First, go to, create an account, (it's free), you can use the Desktop version or the App version.

Go to create a design, then a menu will open up, go below to ten click on Custom size, in the new menu you will enter the size.

use canva to design 5x7 greeting card

I would go with a classic 5x7 inch card, so, the file would have to be 10 wide by 7 height.

Click on Create new Design.

change file size with Canva

A new tab with a blank page will open up.

To upload your file go to the right side of the screen, click on upload and select your file, once is uploaded, click on it, and will appear on the blank page.

Place the design on the right side of the page, now, you can add text and some free designs like hearts and flowers if you want. You can also add something to the left side of the page, that will be the back side of the card.

design greeting card with canva

Let's create the second file for the inside design. Just click on "+ Add Page"

Same file will appear below. Add any text you want, you have a few options for the Fonts, again, you can add any design you want.

Once you are happy with the final design let's download it for printing.

download file on canva

Go to the right up corner and click on share, then Upload, then select the format (png or jpeg will work)

download file on canva

Then again, Download. Now the file will go to your Download folder in your computer.

Printing the Folded Greeting Card

best paper for diy greeting card

Most Watercolor Pads come in 12x9 Inches, so you will have to trim the paper to fit your home printer.

In this case, trim the paper to 8.5 x 11 inches.

settings to print a specific art size print

What you are going to do is, select Us Letter, then borderless, and then, on Printer settings, click on 100%, It will print smaller on the page, no worries...

Go ahead and Print the first file, then...

print greeting card at home

Once you print the first file, turn the page around and print the second file (I encourage you to watch the video below if you have any doubts)

DIY greeting card

Now you can fold the page, you will have an oversized card, go ahead and trim it to 7x10, and voila, there's your Greeting Card.

commission greeting cards

In the video Below, I explain this process step by step and I also added an improvised Greeting card Envelope that you con do!

Please comment on my video if you have any questions!



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