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How to Print digital Art yourself and make it look Good.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Print Your Digital art With Texture

(If you don't feel like reading, go down below and watch the video)

Printing art at home and make it look good

There’s a simple and easy way on how to Print Digital Art Yourself, and make it look good, Like a Professional Print.

This is a fast and easy Tutorial on how to Print Digital Art with texture.

The cheapest and fastest way to do this is at Home, with your old Printer, Yes, Old. It does not have to be expensive or fancy At all.

I used this Old HP All in one Printer that is using Off Brand ink cartridges and It worked Great.

best paper to print art at home

The Secret, The Paper:

Go get a Watercolor Pad, again NOT an expensive one. As Long as it has texture, it will Work.

This is the brand I recommend: Canson. I Got mine in a sale at Walmart, but its online everywhere, in any Crafts store.

textured paper to print digital art

You Can go fancier, with nicer Paper, but if you do, do not buy Expensive Watercolor paper, that's worth it only if you are going to paint on it. But If you wont to step it up a notch, get this Acrylic Paper, it is less expensive then professional watercolor paper, and the texture is really cool, It looks like a mix of paper and Linen. Totally worth it.

Watercolor paper to print digital art

Paper Size:

Now, most Watercolor Pads come in 12x9 Inches, so you will have to trim the paper to fit your home printer.

Same thing with the acrylic Paper, you should get the 12x18 inch Pad and then trim it to fit the printer, this way you will get 2 prints from one sheet.

settings for art print watercolor paper

File Size:

If you are ok with a US Paper size Print (8.5 x 11 inches) Then you don't need to worry about the file size. Just Make sure to select: US Paper, Borderless

And then either Print entire Image or Fill entire paper.

If you do Care about the Print size size, then You might have to change the File size.

For Example:

Let's say you need your Art Print to be 8x10 inch because of a Frame that you want to use; First, check the size of the file in inches, if it is 8x10, then you are good to go, if it's not, you can change it on Canva.

(Canva is a website where you can create Graphics and many other things, it has a free version and all you need to do is open up an account.)

If What you want to print is a commission peace, then Ask the artist for the correct file, if not, this is how you do it:

using canva to re size a file

Open an account, you can use the Desktop version or the App version.

Go to create a design, then a menu will open up, go below to ten click on Custom size, in the new menu enter the size that you want in inches.

change file size with Canva

A new tab with a blank page will open up.

To upload your file go to the right side of the screen, click on upload and select your file, once is uploaded, click on it and will appear on the blank page, resize it to fit the page.

download file on canva

Go to the right up corner and click on share, then Upload, then select the format (png or jpeg will work)

download file on canva

Then again, Download. Now the file will go to your Download folder in your computer.

Printing a specific File size.

No that you have the correct file size, is time to print it.

My recommendation to print a File that has a specific size (remember, always smaller than 8.5x11inches, otherwise you would have to go to a print shop with printers that accept larger paper sizes) it to use watercolor paper that you trimmed to 8.5 x 11 inches, don't change it or trim it to 8x10, keep it larger.

settings to print a specific art size print

What you are going to do is, select Us Letter, then borderless, and then, on Printer settings, click on 100%, it will print it smaller in the page, and THEN you trim it to 8x10 inches.

In the video Below, I explain this process step by step and I also added 2 options to Print it in a local print shop, or self service, I also added a Step by step tutorial on how to Use 2 Online Fine Art print shop, in case you want it to have it done professionally.

Please comment on my video if you have any questions!



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