What kind of Pictures work the best?

For the full drawing I like Full Body, under the sun or bright lights with hard shadows, those pictures usually work the best.


Having said that, I can still work with flat pictures like this....

(No sun, little shadows)

I can also replaced wardrobe if you don't like it or , like in these case, wanted to make it more "summer"...



For Portrait, I also like when the lights hits the face creating shadows, they translate beautifully to the painting

But I can also make to work with more flatter lighting....

So, in conclusion, send me whatever you have and we will figure it out....



How to order

I use Etsy Shop as a selling Platform, You can contact me at any time Via e-mail, but you can also go to my Shop, 

look at the listing, Choose the one  you want

Click to see the different options/variations

Add to your Cart and follow the instructions to complete the order

(You do not need to create an account to buy on Etsy, only an e-mail)

If you are not ready to commit, Contact me and I can make a draft for you to see before you order!