Let me show How I make Custom Made Art with your Help: Play the video or...

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here is an example:

You love a pic with your partner, but you are not too crazy about the background...
Pick Different background...
like an old Italian village door
And... taraaaa!!!!!
custom made illustration couple portrait


Have you ever wanted to have the perfect memory from a trip?
custome made art personalized painting
Combine Pics to create exactly what you want

 or a moment of your life?

custome made portrait personalized painting



we can create a simple Portrait of your dog .................

or child.......................

custome made portrait personalized painting Paintedlives custom made art from photo julieta lima

or both...


custome made pet portrait personalized painting painted lives paintedlives julieta lima

 What about a gift for you best friends of the  future trip to japan that you would love to do?

custome made portrait personalized painting Paintedlives custom made art from photo julieta lima

Together we can create  a beautiful illustration just for you, something that will become an amazing original gift for your loved ones, or maybe a gift for yourself!

we can create that painting together

Last one


How it  works:

I make the drawings base on pictures that you give me, we can also look for images online of things and/or places

that you would like to include in your Painting.

The more pictures you send me, the better.

The price is going to vary according to the amount of elements you would like in your painting

(people, pet, background etc... you can click in "specifications down below to have a better understanding of what an element is)

 now I have a specific esthetic that, to me, makes the painting looks very artsy, so,

i will be a bit demanding with the kind of pictures that you provide for me, BELIEVE ME, is for the best!

But don't worry if! I will try my best to make it work with whatever you have!

Click Below for the specification of the kind of pictures that work better for the paintings,

and examples on what I mean by "Elements"

 and  also below you will find a link to see more samples of my work 

Paintedlives by Julieta personalized gifts, custom-made art. portrait from photo